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Mission accomplished

Six years ago a small band of Nottingham creatives started an online community. A place that recognised Nottingham’s growing creative industries were important; a place that celebrated, connected and championed that creative scene. Creative Nottingham was born. Over the past six years we’ve seen people come and go, we’ve reviewed, blogged, welcomed, networked, partied and… Read More

The Imagery of Letters

We love letters here at Creative Towers. No one except the bank ever sends us one. And so I was rather looking forward to the latest exhibition on at the Malt Cross’s Henderson Gallery – The Imagery of Letters. The tiny gallery space hosts a small group of artists who each produced some pictures inspired… Read More

We wanna be 200 degrees!

You don’t seem to be able to turn around and say “I fancy a coffee,” in Nottingham these days without someone opening a new eat and drinkerie in the city centre, and so it’s taken us a while to get over to sample the delights of the 200 degrees coffee shop. You may have seen… Read More