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Links round up: knitting blood, new bookshops and a call for artists

Blood transfusions. Not very Easter-y are they? Or creative, you’d think. But in a recent campaign to raise awareness of the blood donor service, the NHS Blood and Transplant Service recently asked for knitted drops of blood to yarnbomb in cities across the country. They expected to receive 700 drops and got 8,000 instead, with… Read More

Interface – SYSON Gallery, Beck Street

The current display at Jennie Syson’s gallery features three site-specific works by Liam Aitken, with accompanying soundscape and repository project consisting of a series of documentaries. This is Aitken’s first solo exhibition, after recently winning the SYSON prize at the Open exhibition at Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery, for a sculptural work entitled ‘Totem’.… Read More

Links round up: Fools and an arty Ramones tribute

It’s International Women’s Day on Saturday and, while you could do admirable and worthy things like campaign against FGM or raise money for Women’s Aid, why not also support a female fool? Not the one writing this post but an actual fool from The Nomadic Academy of Fools. Here, let them explain: ‘Fooling is a… Read More