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Links round up: Billy Bragg, Simon Cowell and Dr Caligari*

“Precipitation falling from clouds in the form of ice crystals” has done something unusual to the world. Whether you think it looks pretty or it’s been a bit of a pain in the snowballs, the snow has certainly given us a different viewpoint. Despite the weather, things have probably warmed up a little for students protesting at Nottingham Uni today, now… Read More

Warming your cockles

Snow joke. It’s cold out there. But there are some very good reasons to shake off your slippers and escape hibernation mode. Tonight, the city warms its cockles with a visit from one of its most well known exports, Sir Paul Smith, to one of its newest institutions, the Nottingham Contemporary. Then this Thursday, members of the Nottingham Writers’ Studio will gather at… Read More

Links Round-Up: Viva la revolution

“] Tombstone perspective by waffler [ If you enjoyed Barbara Kingsolver’s Orange Prize winning book, The Lacuna, you will know of the artistic and political turmoil in Mexico between the two world wars.  The same tempestuous mix is part of the film Frieda.   At the Djanogly Art Gallery you can see Mexican prints from this period, including… Read More

Being Crafty about Gifts

The well organised among you will already be making lists and reminding yourself that it is better to give than receive. And many of our local artists and craft workers will be participating in one of the special markets over the next few weeks. A gift from such a market is doubly blessed – your recipient gets something… Read More

Links Round-Up: Theology

This first Links Roundup this week has a theological flavour. The always innovative artists group, Sixes & Sevens have a three-fold event on Gods and Rockers coming up, with the first event at Nottingham Contemporary on Friday, 26 November, at 11am and 1pm. Details of the second and third components, at Tether, are on their website.… Read More

Join the groovy bookmobile tour

Nottingham, we now have transport as art – and another great creative concept is doing the rounds again in Nottingham on 16 November. As part of the Sideshow activities, the Tether crew will be touring select Nottingham venues in a VW Camper Van – specially converted into a library, or bibliobus. The aim of the… Read More