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Dreams; Hurt, Hope & Happiness Exhibition

Yesterday I visited the opening of the Dreams: Hurt, Hope & Happiness exhibition at The Institute Of Mental Health, Jubilee Campus Nottingham. Around thirty artists are represented in the exhibition , which is the seventh that the Institute has run in partnership with City Arts Nottingham. Works in many media are included; oils, acrylics, sculpture,… Read More

Open and Enter

On Sunday I enjoyed a walk around Lady Bay and the grandparent of all Open Studios.  Lady Bay Open Studios was celebrating 20 years of artistic openness.  The sun was more or less shining and there was a nice community feel as one walked around, almost always passing people clutching their guides, searching out the… Read More

The Imagery of Letters

We love letters here at Creative Towers. No one except the bank ever sends us one. And so I was rather looking forward to the latest exhibition on at the Malt Cross’s Henderson Gallery – The Imagery of Letters. The tiny gallery space hosts a small group of artists who each produced some pictures inspired… Read More

Links Round-Up: Verbs for May

See: Sunscreen, a new commission for EM15 (a partnership of artist-led spaces and institutions from the East Midlands) at the 56th Venice Biennale.  It gives “everyone the opportunity to own and collect up to 40 digital artworks for free”.  Including some location dependent screensavers if you turn on the location functionality in your device. Sunscreen… Read More

Street Art or Graffiti?

Surface Gallery are once again having a Street Art Festival (19 June to 11 July, deadline for submissions is 12 June). Surface Gallery are encouraging participation by showcasing street art on a special Facebook page and the Twitter hashtag #NottmStreetArt2015. I missed this show last year, so it is in the diary for 2015.  I… Read More

Getting under their skin: portraits of Hockley, St Anns and Sneinton by Mik Godley.

Like many other immigrants over the decades, my first move into Nottingham was to move into Sneinton. It’s a compact neighbourhood and it wasn’t long before I was exploring the Polish delicatessens, the Asian supermarkets and the perpetually open corner shop which sold “everything you could ever want at any time”: apart from the very… Read More