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A Visit To The Surface Gallery International Postcard Show

This week I braved the wind and weather and toddled off to see the Annual International Postcard Show at Surface Gallery on Southwell Road. This year, there are even more submissions than last year, so there are over 300 postcards by 105 different artists to see. Entries have come from Nottingham and surrounding, Britain, and abroad. The… Read More

We wanna be 200 degrees!

You don’t seem to be able to turn around and say “I fancy a coffee,” in Nottingham these days without someone opening a new eat and drinkerie in the city centre, and so it’s taken us a while to get over to sample the delights of the 200 degrees coffee shop. You may have seen… Read More

Links Round-Up: Opportunities in 2015

As you look up from your hectic preparations for the forthcoming holiday, take a break from current work, decide to ignore the miserable weather, you might just turn your thoughts to 2015.  We have four opportunities which might help, some have charges to participate. First up is Surface Gallery, who are taking exhibition proposals for… Read More

A long post about VATMOSS

Do you have a website selling electronic products like ebooks, music, knitting patterns or training programmes? Are they available to customers in the EU? If so, then I’m sorry to spoil your festive season, but you might be about to get clobbered by changes to the VAT rules that are particularly unhelpful for small creative… Read More

You and whose granny?

With the onset of winter I bet you’re all grateful for the knitters out there. Pulling on your jumpers, socks, scarves and gloves you’re blessing the skill behind the sticks aren’t you? Aren’t you? Well, you should be. These days knitting is theoretically regarded as a good skill to have, yet many (most recently Jane… Read More

Guest Blog: Cavology…. hidden treasures

We invited Kirsty Fox to lead us up a blind alley… a good way of course, for a peek inside Cavology   Cavology is a new project set-up by The Hive, Nottingham Trent University’s business development centre. It’s a retail incubator which means that it is designed as a functioning shop and showcase of new… Read More