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Creative Question Time

There’s a very special event coming up this week, and whether you’re a designer, a blogger, or any other type of creative business, you might well want to check it out. Co-hosted by our friends over at Creative Greenhouse, Creative Question Time will feature panellists from all over Nottingham’s creative industries, namely: Rob Pittam –… Read More

We Are Augustines and the creative process

Last night, in a small room upstairs at the Rescue Room, 100 or so people were treated to a lively and dynamic performance by the American band, We Are Augustines. It was likely watching the Clash in 77. (not that I was there !!) The band released their first album last year, and have quickly… Read More

Green Boot Camp

Do you have a green business idea you want to get off the ground? It’s a burgeoning sector – in fact, even our hosting here at Creative Nottingham is supplied by an environmentally sensitive business! So, if green is your thing, and business ideas are your bag, there are a series of events designed to… Read More

Media Camp 4 – yes 4 – this weekend

So, it’s Monday morning and you’re trying to clear that groggy feeling following the Mansfield Road beer festival. There’s something you should be doing – work? Probably. But something else. Ah yes, it’s getting yourself a ticket for Media Camp  or, better still, booking yourself a slot to present at Media Camp 4. For the… Read More

Creative Nottingham Knows

When you have finished doing something funny (and creative) for money today, you might want to consider the following three opportunities for the days ahead.  In reverse chronological order:  The annual Screenlit festival at Broadway kicks off in just over a week on Sunday, 27 March.  Films, talks and a writing masterclass, you may need to get your… Read More