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Guest blog: What’s Notts to Like?

We were recently invited to attend a conference held at Nottingham Trent University, organised by Natalie Braber and Stuart Burch. Focusing on everything Nottingham, the day involved of a series of presentations by academic researchers, partly to try and put forward the city as more than just ‘Shottingham’. Several talks were of particular interest to… Read More

Art amongst the alliums

Last Sunday 9 June I enjoyed the summer sunshine (remember that?) at the 21st Park Garden Trail, a biennial open garden event. A chance to explore the beauty of usually hidden aspects of Nottingham’s Park Estate. The Park is worthy of a visit just for the architecture alone (you’ll find buildings by both T.C. Hine… Read More

Screens in the wild

Have you seen those screens at the Broadway? Not the cinema, the ones outside. They’re at the New Art Exchange too. The interactive ones. If you’ve seen them but don’t know what they’re about it’s this. Screens in the Wild is a collaboration between researchers at the Universities of Nottingham and London. There are four… Read More