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Emcon – my lovely day

I won’t dwell on the negative, so much has already been said, tweeted & facebooked about the endless queues, the poor layout, the shambolic organisation, the turning people away, the overselling tickets, the disappointment and outrage. Just look for the #emcon hashtag if you want to delve deeper. In spite of everything, we had a… Read More

Links Round-Up: Summer Verbs

Summer Actions: Help Become a volunteer for the World Event Young Artists event this September. This promises to be an amazing event in Nottingham, bringing together young artists from all over the world. They could do with some volunteers, for various roles, see their website for more details.  Learn Most readers are experts in your… Read More

Links Round-Up: Forms of Reality, Words, and Empty Shops

Today’s Roundup won’t be mentioning GameCity (because we covered it last week) nor Christmas (nuff said).  It will however be drawing your attention to: Fancy writing about art or culture?  We are always interested in potential new bloggers, drop a line to  If you are an artist or running a creative business and you… Read More