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Guest blog: From startup to success – Making the first impression

Aaron Dicks, MD of Impression Digital, drops by to talk about his reasons for being here:  When we formed Impression in November 2012, there was a lot of excitement for startup businesses, particularly around the Creative Quarter project with the funding and regeneration it promised. Nottingham doesn’t have a UK top 100 agency yet, unlike its… Read More

Interface – SYSON Gallery, Beck Street

The current display at Jennie Syson’s gallery features three site-specific works by Liam Aitken, with accompanying soundscape and repository project consisting of a series of documentaries. This is Aitken’s first solo exhibition, after recently winning the SYSON prize at the Open exhibition at Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery, for a sculptural work entitled ‘Totem’.… Read More

One person, many people at work

[Creative Nottingham welcomes guest blog posts from local creatives about their work. Last September James Walker gave us an insight into his work as he developed Dawn of the Unread.  Now that it is out, he let’s us in on some innovative ways of getting working help.] Getting Arts Council funding is becoming increasingly difficult… Read More

Emcon – my lovely day

I won’t dwell on the negative, so much has already been said, tweeted & facebooked about the endless queues, the poor layout, the shambolic organisation, the turning people away, the overselling tickets, the disappointment and outrage. Just look for the #emcon hashtag if you want to delve deeper. In spite of everything, we had a… Read More