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Sounding Out Sicily

Jimmy Power, a sound artist from Mansfield, tells CN about his time in a tiny Sicilian town … During April 2015 I spent a month in Ficarra, Sicily, as part of an Artist in Residence program with i-art Thirty artists from all over Europe and the Mediterranean working in a range of art forms, spread out… Read More

Links Round-Up: Verbs for May

See: Sunscreen, a new commission for EM15 (a partnership of artist-led spaces and institutions from the East Midlands) at the 56th Venice Biennale.  It gives “everyone the opportunity to own and collect up to 40 digital artworks for free”.  Including some location dependent screensavers if you turn on the location functionality in your device. Sunscreen… Read More

Sarah Jane Palmer – A Passion for Pattern

Creative Nottingham welcomes guest blog posts from local creatives about their work. Today we have New College Nottingham Artist in Residence, Sarah Jane Palmer, explaining why she has chosen to take up a residency in Nottingham’s prestigious Lace Market. If you would like to contribute, write to us (editor AT or comment on this… Read More

Rich pickings

This week when not foraging for bountiful blackberries by fighting the wilderness in the corner of the garden (which includes shoulder high nettles, thistles and the brambles themselves which sport vicious thorns more than a centimetre long) I have been contemplating the rich pickings on offer in Notts. There’s no particular focus to my links… Read More