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Links roundup: Three openings and One light opportunity

Already (just) open is Angela Ho’s  “Animal Kingdom” exhibition at ncn Lace Market Gallery in Nottingham.  Her “portrayal of animals mirrors the bizarre fantasy of surrealism with subconscious subjects and collective experience”.  Samples and more details are on our Community site.  If you read our Community site, always a good idea, you would have known about opportunities to… Read More

Guest blog: where do ideas come from?

I guess this is a reasonable question to ask someone involved in a project whose ambition is to create a thriving community ‘driven by creativity’. It’s such a vexed question that it’s not surprising that some companies have always been content to reply “We don’t have ideas; we buy them in”. That was good news… Read More

Introducing Scott Sherrard – our new guest blogger

   We’d like to give warm welcome to our new guest blogger - Scott Sherrard from the Welbeck Project. We asked him ten questions to get to know him a little bit better…  Who are you? I’m part of the development team at the Welbeck Project. It’s an ambitious scheme to bring to life a community driven by creativity… Read More

Guest Blog: Gaaargh Day Two

Ahoy there! It’s pirate and story writing week for me and so far progress is slow… that’s rather disappointing. Unfortunately it’s proving to be a busy week at work and the evenings are rather full, predictably, with MissImp related improv action. Captain Pigheart A tiny recap. I write short pirate stories under the unlikely pseudonym… Read More