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Don’t Pigeon Hole Yourself

I think that it’s fair to say that the majority of us (myself included, of course) hold a certain perception of ourselves that we define ourselves by. For example, you might see yourself as ‘the organised one’, ‘the forgetful one’, ‘the creative one’, ‘the funny one’, etc. While this is all well and good, as… Read More

Taking a Bath

My last couple of posts have been on rather heavy and psychological subjects (humility/ego in creativity and avoiding fear of success and self sabotaging), so I decided that this post should focus on something more practical. In a world that is continuously go-go-go, where deadlines loom large and people are always seeking that edge, it’s… Read More

Controlling the Ego

In my introductory blog, I was asked the question ‘What breeds creativity?’. My answer actually omitted something that I believe to be perhaps more essential than any of the points I gave; this would be humility and controlling the ego. I remember being incredibly proud of myself when I had completed my first ever script… Read More

Planning, Dependability, Execution

Why is it that anything with creative foundations often automatically conjures up images of scatterbrained clumsiness, clutter and disorganisation by well-intentioned onlookers? While this is true of a lot of great artists in history, we know as professionals operating at many levels that we can’t afford to neglect left brain thinking just because of our creative tendencies-… Read More