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Keep on rocking in the free world! An insight into the organisation of an independent music festival

All innovation starts with one crazy idea and what better, crazier idea have you you ever heard than starting up an independent music festival? Sometime back in the early Naughties Kate Moss et al made tramping around in a field in skimpy shorts and designer wellies the thing to do and shortly afterwards, the prices… Read More

Nottingham Comedy Festival begins

Helen Stead is the Director of Nottingham Comedy Festival and one of the nicest people you are likely to meet in Nottingham’s creative sector. After graduating in 2008, she happened to see some comedy on a trip to London with her friend Rachel Greensmith. Inspired they came back to Nottingham, and together, started organizing the… Read More

Creating and doing makes us happier!

Do you agree with this statement – and is it possible that being more creative gives us more reasons to be happy? A toolkit to get everyone started on the path to ‘happiness’ has been launched this week, through a new group called ‘Action for Happiness’.  And it started me thinking, about what this really… Read More

Anything can happen in October

October sees the return of the wonderfully eccentric MissImp comedy show – and improvisation with a difference. If you enjoyed the MissImp Guest Blogger musings last month, even half as much as I did, you should get yourself over to The Glee Club and see the team in action for the first of their major… Read More

Treading the 'Bards' in Nottingham

Now that the dark nights are rolling ever closer towards us – it’s good to take a look at what cultural offers there are to keep us entertained, and in from the cold. Nottingham is the master of culture these days, and there’s a distinctly Shakespearian flavour to the theatrical offers in the city at… Read More