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Share Your Stories: David Belbin

This is the last and final segment of Share Your Stories for now. The last person to complete the series is David Belbin- a local author living within Nottingham. David Belbin has written a varying array of written work: From short stories to novels, adult anthologized stories to plays. Here’s what he had to say. AS:… Read More

Birthday guest blog: A Walk Through Nottingham’s Underworld

Today we welcome back guest blogger Joanna Dacombe and colleague Laura-Jade Klee to tell us about their latest really-rather-exciting venture beneath Nottingham. Last year I wrote a blog post for Creative Nottingham about a new collaboration I had started with Laura-Jade Klee, called Sidelong, inspired by Nottingham and ideas about the experience of walking. I… Read More

Before the Dawn of the Unread

[Creative Nottingham welcomes guest blog posts from local creatives about their work. Today we have James Walker explaining some of the triggers for his forthcoming interactive graphic novel which will be made available across media platforms.  If you would like to contribute, write to us (editor AT or comment on this post. Now over… Read More

Keep on rocking in the free world! An insight into the organisation of an independent music festival

All innovation starts with one crazy idea and what better, crazier idea have you you ever heard than starting up an independent music festival? Sometime back in the early Naughties Kate Moss et al made tramping around in a field in skimpy shorts and designer wellies the thing to do and shortly afterwards, the prices… Read More

NOT the Barton’s Bus Station

An old bus station isn’t necessarily the place you’d associate with exciting events showcasing a range of musical, comedic, literary and film talents but that’s precisely the kind of image that Barton’s old bus depot is trying to cultivate. If you haven’t made it over to Barton’s yet, then you might want to consider trying… Read More