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Not in Kansas anymore…

Now, we’ll confess it upfront, many of us here at Creative Towers don’t get to the theatre very often. So when we spotted that our Twitter pal Kimberley Tew had been offered free tickets to go and see My Judy Garland Life at the Playhouse, it seemed too good an opportunity to pass up! We… Read More

Links Round-Up: Lights, Gamelan, Actions

It is a mixed pleasure, processing the email inbox here at Creative Towers, but this week several caught my eye for interest and opportunity. Next Wednesday, 5 February at 6.15, Broadway is hosting another Near Now event, this one on the “Internet of Growing Things”. They say Visual artist Joey Holder and speculative designer Lisa… Read More

Keep on rocking in the free world! An insight into the organisation of an independent music festival

All innovation starts with one crazy idea and what better, crazier idea have you you ever heard than starting up an independent music festival? Sometime back in the early Naughties Kate Moss et al made tramping around in a field in skimpy shorts and designer wellies the thing to do and shortly afterwards, the prices… Read More