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Planning, Dependability, Execution

Why is it that anything with creative foundations often automatically conjures up images of scatterbrained clumsiness, clutter and disorganisation by well-intentioned onlookers? While this is true of a lot of great artists in history, we know as professionals operating at many levels that we can’t afford to neglect left brain thinking just because of our creative tendencies-… Read More

The Lives of Ghosts – Megan Taylor

Nottingham it seems is never short of talented folk for us to write about. One of these such beings is the lovely author, Megan Taylor. Her third novel – “The Lives of Ghosts”, is to be released on April 26th. She has been so kind as to give us a sneak preview of the books blurb.… Read More

And the lord said; Let them eat cake.

It’s amazing to think that a month has flown by since we last talked about the wondrous delight that is cake. As you’ve guessed, I’m referring to one of our favourite monthly events here in Nottingham: Cake Club’s Monthly Meets! This month has been particularly special for these talented bunch of ingenious baking-connoisseurs as their event was… Read More

Specialists In Obscure Detail

Robert E. Franken, Author of Human Motivation describes creativity as: “the tendency to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves and others.’ Whether we see ourselves as creatives by nature or trade, or if we work in a creative industry surrounded by and supporting… Read More