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Guest Blog: What is Font Festival?

We like theatre here at Creative Towers, especially innovative initiatives. In the past we blogged about Hatch and Neat on various occasions, so as soon as we noticed the new twitter account for @fontfestnotts – Hitting the streets of Hockley from 27th to 31st May 2015 – we wanted to know more.  Gareth Morgan, one… Read More

Links round up: Fools and an arty Ramones tribute

It’s International Women’s Day on Saturday and, while you could do admirable and worthy things like campaign against FGM or raise money for Women’s Aid, why not also support a female fool? Not the one writing this post but an actual fool from The Nomadic Academy of Fools. Here, let them explain: ‘Fooling is a… Read More

Not in Kansas anymore…

Now, we’ll confess it upfront, many of us here at Creative Towers don’t get to the theatre very often. So when we spotted that our Twitter pal Kimberley Tew had been offered free tickets to go and see My Judy Garland Life at the Playhouse, it seemed too good an opportunity to pass up! We… Read More