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John is the token non-creative person on the core team. Three and a half years ago, in the free alcohol socialising after a local cultural event, John was enthusing to a strange woman about a wonderful website he had discovered about creative things in Nottingham. That woman was Susi O’Neil, one of the founders of Creative Nottingham, who trapped him by asking him to join. The rest is herstory. He has lived on twitter for several years, to him it is real life. You can join him on any/all of @johnwithbeard, @johnwithbike, @BooksandJohn or email him john AT


Diana came to Nottingham in the late 80s to study fine art. She strives to remain a creative, though clearly wholly unsuited for starving alone in a garret (as she loves food and is very gregarious). She is a supporter of Creative Industries with a combined business, creative and education background. Blog penchant for alliteration and puns (which she thinks are clever and funny).


A Southerner displaced, Sue is a writer, knitter, conker fetishist, bewildered working parent and caffeine appreciator. When no-one is watching, she likes to dance to John Paul Young’s Love is in the Air. When they are watching, she assumes a veneer of respectability and marshalls the Creative Nottingham troops, bribing them with cake and sending nagging emails. She blogs a lot. You can follow her on Twitter at @basfordian


Dan is a recent photography graduate, generalised geek, and technology-hoarder. He has provided tech and WordPress support to the Creative Nottingham team for the past three years or so, and is also occasionally coaxed into blogging. Follow his erratic written and photoblog posts at @danfoyuk, or stalk him on Facebook.


Jagdish moved up here from London in 2002. He put his past experience of working with different communities to use by setting up the Nottingham Photographers’ Hub, which uses photography to help vulnerable communities, and continues to write and work with different campaigning groups in London. He also runs a commercial photograph practice in Nottingham city centre, and is part of the Blank Atlas art collective. He spends his time cycling, taking photographs, listening to rap, and writing.


Bea is an artist & designer from Nottingham. You can find her artwork at She also has Etsy shops selling weird, funky, folk art  and knitting and crochet patterns. You can also find her on Twitter at @BeatriceMArtist 



Rosy first got to know Nottingham as a student, but many things have drawn her back. She’s keen to promote the many facets of the city, which is a second home to her now. Having said that, she’s currently exploring the four corners of the globe. Watch this space for her return or follow her on Twitter @HowManyRoses.


Tara Rawson is a local sound engineer, vocalist and events promoter for Roller Derby team, Hellfire Harlots.


Erin is a freelance writer bobbing about from Liverpool, to London and Nottingham throughout the year. She is a final year film student at the University of Nottingham who loves to broadcast the phenomenal talent that is out there, though she doesn’t mind writing constructive criticism either! You can tweet her at @erinshortall


Emma is a new Mum and Vintage and creative magpie and the brains behind LifeisPeachyTales, a blog that combines the two! Follow her on Twitter @livepeachy for more info on upcoming projects.